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Normafa Villa

12th District

Sleeps 8, Bedrooms:4 and Bathrooms:4

Size of apartment: 500 m2

Very private 3 floor villa with 2500sqm garden. Seperate granny/nanny garden level flat. Indoor swimming pool and gym area with sauna

Description of Normafa Villa

Details of all rooms over the 3 floors of the villa:

Basement Level (Alagsor)

A1 Garage 69.49sqm

A2 AC unit room 5.37sqm

A3 Storage Room 8.01sqm

A4 Corridor 4.62sqm

A5 Closet 2.78sqm

A6 Laundry Room 2.64sqm

A7 Bedroom 18.37sqm

A8 Bathroom 4.40sqm

A9 Kitchenette 4.40sqm

A10 Stairway 9.58sqm

A11 Storage, pool maintenance 2.89sqm

A12 Boiler Room 5.15sqm

A13 Storage 1.82sqm

A14 Pool 48.06sqm

A16 Fitness Room 10.67sqm

A17 Shower 3.93sqm

A18 Lavatory 2.08sqm

A19 Entry 2.48sqm

Basement Total: 211.87 sqm

Ground Floor:

01 Foyer and closet 5.72 sqm

02 Living Room 47.65 sqm

03 Study & Library 20.49 sqm

04 Winter Garden 8.97 sqm

05 Dining Area 23.52 sqm

06 Guest Bedroom 17.22 sqm

07 Bathroom 6.60sqm

08 Lavatory 3.29sqm

09 Stairway 13.86sqm

10 Pantry 5.99sqm

011 Kitchen & Family Room 38.41sqm

Ground Floor Total: 191.72sqm

First Floor:

11 Stairway 17.01sqm

12 Bathroom 6.60sqm

13 Bedroom 18.68sqm

14 Bedroom 18.26sqm

15 Master Bedroom 28.31sqm

16 Walk-in closet 6.29sqm

17 Master Bath 14.28sqm

First Floor Total: 109.43sqm

TOTAL: 513.02sqm





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